Looking for Nutritional Guidance and Accountability?

Wellness and Nutritional Consulting Package Details
and Pricing:

*Conducted by Certified Precision Nutrition Coaches

*Initial Nutritional Assessment: ($80)

60 minute assessment

*Initial Nutritional Assessment with Individual Nutritional Plan: ($180)

Foundation for Change (dieting history, meal timing, calories, macronutrients, lifestyle factors, exercise schedule, and personal goals).
-60 minute assessment
-Seven day individual nutrition plan 

Nutritional Planning and Accountability Check-Ins: ($340)

Determine where your diet needs small changes to get you back on track.  
Create an action plan for change by implementing new habits and strategies.

-60 minute initial nutritional assessment
-Six 15 minute check ins with measurements and weigh ins
-Three 7 day food intake analysis 
-Seven day individual nutrition plan with one rewrite 
-Work together for up to six weeks 

Sports Nutrition Package: ($260)

Appropriate for High School and College Athletes

-60 minute assessment to help optimize performance nutrition while considering training/sport demands and schedule
-Optimize meal timing, eating balanced meals, and finding healthy snacks (pre- and post-game options, strategies, and recovery)
-Evaluate your macronutrient needs (protein, carbohydrate, and fat) for your sporting demands, strength goals, and physical goals.
-Seven day food intake analysis
-Seven day individual nutritional plan 
-Two 15 minute check ins to answer questions 

Three Month Weight Management Program ($400)

Work closely with a coach who will provide motivation, accountability, and support to help you stick to your goals. Two counseling meetings and three check ins for ongoing monitoring, guidance and weigh ins will provide a strong accountability component.

-60 minute initial nutritional assessment
-Two 30 minute nutritional counseling meetings (month two and three)
-Three 15 minute nutritional check-ins with measurements and weigh ins (one a month)
-Repeated seven day food intake analysis
-Seven day individual nutritional plan
-One 7 day nutrition plan rewrite 

Month One: 
An Initial Nutritional Assessment
A review of your current food choices, portions and macros 
Best practices to improve overall diet, habits, and nutritional knowledge 
Set standards, goals, and limits
Seven day food intake analysis
Seven day individual nutrition plan
15 minute check in 
Month Two:
30 minute nutritional counseling meeting
Review food journals and nutrition plan 
Discuss strategies for hunger, cravings, satiety, mindfulness
Discuss barriers to success and Red Light Foods
15 minute check in
Month Three:
30 minute appointment nutritional counseling meeting
Review food journals and nutrition plan
Seven day individual nutrition plan rewrite 
Set long term goals
15 minute check in

Personalized Kitchen Makeover: ($500)

Two hour complete kitchen makeover that declutters and purges your pantry, fridge and freezer of the less healthy foods in your home

-One hour grocery store tour (location of your choice) to help you plan, restock and choose the essential items for your nutrition plan 
-Two 45 minute nutritional counseling sessions with weigh ins and measurements 
-Seven day food intake analysis
-Seven day individual nutrition plan

Self Designed Nutritional Support/Assessment/Refresher/Kickstart:

Design your own support system and accountability program (price TBD)

-Start with an Initial Nutritional Assessment ($80)
-You take it from there by picking number of sessions/check ins:
45 minute counseling sessions ($60)
15 minute check ins and weigh ins ($20)
Two 7 day food intake analysis ($40)
Seven day individual nutrition plan ($100)
Seven day rewrite ($30)

You can start any of these programs at anytime and even design your own!

Contact Heather for more information or to set up an appointment

email: heather@gh2fitness.com
ph: 508-340-2398