Why you should make strength training and
adding lean muscle a priority


Are muscles really that important you might ask?

  • Increased muscle size makes you more sensitive to glucose and insulin which means less fat around the belly and better blood sugar control.
  • More muscle increases your resting metabolic rate, so you burn more calories at rest throughout the day.
  • A lean, toned look increases confidence.
  • Muscles are vital to maintaining health and wellness as we age so you can move, live well and reduce our risk of injury.
  • Strength training will also help you maintain your bone density as you age.


Life is easier STRONG!


Levels of Strength Training at GH2


Hypertrophic Strength Training

– Uses mostly dumbbells and kettlebells to develop muscle tone and mass.


-Focuses on proper technique for all major lifts while building strength and comfortability with strength equipment.


-Centered around the four major barbell lifts (bench, squat, deadlift, and overhead press) and accessory exercises to enhance strength and muscle mass gains.

Strength Conditioning

-Strength lifts and accessories set to a timer with rotations through exercises like Met Con.


-High intensity compound functional movements placed in a timed workout.


Strength Training for Special Populations


Teen Strength

-Total body strength for teens and athletes.


-Overall strength, balance and mobility for those 65 and over.

Still unsure about where to start with Strength Training?

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