The Comeback  Part 2 – Putting On Your Shoes

There is something very inspiring about finally making the decision to come back – tomorrow is the day – you’re motivated, you’re in charge, nothing can stop you!  And then tomorrow comes, and suddenly the Unstoppable You from yesterday is just a little bit more…stoppable.  And I want to state very loudly, and very clearly, that it happens to everyone at some point. Maybe that makes us feel less alone?  Maybe that makes it easier to conquer? I hope. 

In retrospect, the things that we can come up with to sabotage our plans are creative and hilarious, but in that moment we give them all the power. Have a little peek into my first day back…

After months away, I was finally cleared to return. But for about seven more days I convinced myself it wasn’t time yet. And even on that eighth day, as I was actively putting on my gym clothes, my mind was way ahead of me.  Allow me to pull up some of my very “rational” excuses that morning for you:

I’m so tired today. (ummm, that’s every day)

No, but today I feel extra tired. (uh-huh)

The 8:00 am class is too full and everyone will see me.

The 3:00 pm class is too quiet, and everyone will see me. (see my logic here? it works for everything – I’m so good at this!)

My black leggings are in the laundry.  It has to be those, because they hide things. (was I going on a date? who was I trying to impress?? NO ONE CARES.)

Oh, I can’t do Exercise A yet, so maybe tomorrow is better. (umm, modification, anyone?)

Ugh, I don’t like Exercise B so maybe today isn’t the day. (good lord, pull up your Big Girl pants!)

Oh, I’m running a little late so maybe I should just go another time. (ask anyone in my Saturday morning class…being late has NEVER stopped me from strolling in)

My stomach kind of hurts this morning so maybe I should postpone (perhaps the caffeine and self-induced worry??)

I can’t find my other shoe. (if you’ve seen my sneaker collection, you know this is NOT an issue)

I need to work some in the garden later, and if I work out today, then it might be too much, too soon, for me (this was a clever one, and it almost got me!)


And I’m sure I’ve missed a few, but you certainly get the idea.  The point here though, is that after this mental see-saw, and sitting idly on my bed for far too long, I surprised myself.  I suddenly stood up and yelled, so loudly that the cat skittered out of the room, PUT ON YOUR F*CKING SHOES!!!  And it immediately stopped all the chatter. I couldn’t argue with that. I laced up my shoes (a different pair, because that other shoe was indeed still missing) and got in the car.  I didn’t give myself time to make another excuse (because there are ALWAYS more to be found.  I played a song I loved on Spotify for the drive to GH2, and I walked in the door.  


And while I’m not suggesting that Workout #1 was easy (or #2 …but that’s a story for another day), walking in that door actually was.  Because, at our heart, we are a Community.  I wasn’t wearing black leggings that could hide whatever silliness I wanted hidden, and I was still a little tired. But of course none of it mattered – the athletes and trainers there that day did “see me”, in the best possible way, and I was officially back. I had been so busy in my own head that I forgot that’s what we do best here – support each other.  And suddenly my stomach didn’t hurt, and the Comeback seemed possible. And it wouldn’t have happened if I were still sitting on my bed. 


So, as you approach your own Comeback – by walking in the door, or by setting a new goal, or by leaning into a consistent schedule – please remember the key. Don’t argue with yourself, because you’ll ALWAYS win.  Just put your f*cking shoes on and go.


If you are considering a Comeback of your own, and would like a friend on that first day, please message me.  I would be honored to huff and puff alongside you. ♥️

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