“How To” Sign up


PHONE APP (Signing up for classes)

Login to the app on your phone:


Once logged in you can go to the menu on the top left corner to look at a variety of things in your account:

The classes for the day and upcoming days will be listed. This screen has the start times; the class; the instructor; and how many spots are left in the class. If a class if full, you can still sign up to be on the wait list and will be added in the class if someone cancels (*Be sure to have your notifications turned on to receive word when this happens!):

To sign up for a class click the class you are interested in and it will bring you to this screen, which gives you more information on the class and a description (be sure to check out “class descriptions on the website and the Facebook page for more information).  Click on “BOOK CLASS” and you will reserve a spot (if you are signed up for notifications you will receive a text and/or email to remind you of your reservation right away):

When you are sent back to the class list you will see this screen. Classes that you are sign up for are highlighted in GREEN and classes that you are on the wait list for are in YELLOW. You able to sign up for classes TWO WEEKS in advance:


MIND AND BODY (Updating MY INFO and notifications)

To sign up for notification (NO JUNK MAIL, just reminders for classes that you get into from the waitlist) login to your Mind and Body account:


On the top of the page click on the tab that is labelled “MY INFO” and it will bring you to this page with your information. Be sure to fill out the information, ESPECIALLY the email reminders and notifications, newsletter and promotions, and notification preferences. *Again, the newsletter and promotions are NOT junk mail and only inform members of closings, delays, when you get into a class from the waitlist, and other vital information that makes it easier on you!  Hit the “EDIT button next to “Personal” on the left side of the screen:


You can change these preferences at any time, but please give it a try. It is especially helpful when you are on the waitlist and get into a class!  When you finish, click “SAVE” and you are all set to be well informed of pertinent information: