Class size-24
This class combines cardio, strength, muscular endurance, plyometrics, and agility all worked into various work/rest intervals.  Workouts are written on a daily basis and are different seven days a week. Modifications are available when needed. There is no excuse not to come to this class-the trainer will always work with you on finding exercises that you can perform successfully!

STRENGTH (45 min)

Class size-20
Strength classes focus on moving heavier weights while using proper form, allowing members to make strength gains safely. Programming and equipment are varied, yet fundamental movements remain consistent so that technique can be perfected. Powerlifting, olympic lifting, gymnastic, and bodybuilding type movements will all be used during each 8-week cycle, after which personal records (PRs) will be established. The programming is broken down as follows:

  • Monday/Tuesday= Same UPPER body
  • Wednesday= Stand alone FULL body
  • Thursday/Friday= Same LOWER body
  • Saturday/Sunday= Same FULL body

*Upper/Lower body workouts run OPPOSITE of HST classes
(you can do both Strength and HST on the same day)

HST (Hypertrophic Strength Training) (30 min)

Class size-20
Think bodybuilding, toning, or body sculpting if you can’t pronounce hypertrophy! Lift dumbbells, kettlebells, and light loaded barbells for muscle growth. HST is different from a Strength class in that it does not incorporate complex movements.

  • Monday/Tuesday= same LOWER body workout
  • Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday= same FULL body workout
  • Thursday/Friday= same UPPER body workout

*Upper/Lower body workouts run OPPOSITE of STRENGTH classes
(you can do both Strength and HST on the same day)

CARDIO GRID (15-30 min depending on the workout)

Class size-10
Utilizes the Echo Bike, Concept2 Row, Ski and Bike Ergs, Assault Runner and Versa Climber for a high intensity, all-out effort cardiovascular workout. Workouts vary in length and intervals. Burn MetCon calories in less time! TRY THIS CLASS if you have not already done so!/p>

  • Monday/Tuesday= Same Grid workout
  • Wednesday/Thursday= Same Grid workout
  • Friday/Weekend= Same Grid workout

Core, Glutes, and Arms (30 min)

Class Size -12
This class is geared towards your glutes, triceps, biceps, shoulders and abdominals.
30 minutes of strength targeting all five areas with a variety of different formats, styles & weights.
In addition, a different approach of “TRAIN AND TEACH” where the trainer actively demonstrates and participates along with you.

ROUNDS (30 min)

Class size-12
Rounds class is scaled for all abilities. YES, BEGINNERS TOO! There is always a scaled option to go with the prescribed version. If you have not tried this class, it is time! The class combines a wide variety of high intensity compound functional movements and places them into a timed workout of short varied length.

ENDURANCE (45 min)

Class size-12
This class will focus on speed, pacing, and peaking aerobic endurance. Improving cardiovascular performance through sustained workouts on machines while also incorporating bodyweight, KB, DB and med-balls, this class is great for everyone!

GRIND (30 min)

Class size-12
Grind class will work a variety of intervals and exercises in one class. This will combine cardio equipment, metabolic movements, and certain strength movements on any given week. Grind programming is written without a barbell ever in the workout.
This is a great stepping stone into Rounds class and a great complement to it as well!

Strength, Endurance, and Core (SEC) (60 min)

Class size-12
Strength, Endurance and Core is an intense 45 minute weight lifting class focused on full body hypertrophy using high repetition to challenge and improve endurance. Heart rate will be high due to the format of lifting.

Hybrid (45 min)

Class size-12
45 minute class broken down into 4 blocks
1st block= concentrated cardio
2nd block=drills using light weights
3rd block= concentrated core
4th block= stretching w/ intention/mindfulness breathing.

CSI-Cycle Strength Intervals (45 min)

Class size-12
This class will be taught by instructors who have dual certification in spin and personal training; it combines spin intervals and strength/core training.

CORE CARDIO (30 min)

Class size-10
Core Cardio will combine core work with cardiovascular training.


Class size-12
This class invites eighth graders through high school athletes to work on and learn more about strength training. This program will see each athlete track their gains, while focusing on technique and injury prevention, while working the four major lifts.


Class size-12
Middle School Met Con is a combination of our Metabolic Conditioning of the day and sports specific training; speed; agility; power; and injury prevention.

OPEN GYM TIMES: (Check schedule for time/length)

Come use our Green or Red gyms to perform your own workouts and training. Please be mindful that Met Con classes and Strength classes will be set up at the time of your use, so please put back and clean up after your workouts by returning weights and stations to their original format.

YOGA (45 min)

A dynamic style of Hatha yoga which joins physical postures with inhales and exhales, creating a steady internal rhythm for practice. Postures are practiced to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body. Breathing techniques and meditation are also integrated. You can expect an emphasis on simplicity, repetition, and ease of movement. Full-body relaxation and balance are the goals, as we make a full circuit of the body’s range of motion with standing postures, twists, backbends, forward folds, and hip openers.


This class is designed to get your whole body moving better so you can safely work out harder over time. Using a mix of foam rollers, mobility balls and bands to unlock your stiffness and challenge your stability and balance.  Mobilize and stabilize to maximize your workouts!

This class will be taught by Nicole Dumas, a Physical Therapist who has more than 15 years experience in the field of physical therapy.


Personal/private training is available for anyone interested in training privately or in groups of 2-4. Please talk to one of the trainers at the gym. Our staff will work with you to help you reach your fitness goals.



TEAM training is available as well throughout the year. Our staff can work with your team and coach on helping reach fitness goals and strengthen all aspects of fitness pre, during and post season!


This class is a 12 week course. Over the 12 weeks, members will learn the techniques on how to perform 3 different strongman lifts. After 3 weeks of technique work, members will progress through an 8 week training block to get stronger in these lifts. On week 12, members will test out and see how far they’ve progressed in these movements.

GHSilver(65 and older) : (45 min)

This fitness class for seniors will focus on improving overall strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Join your classmates for a free coffee or half priced protein shake in our shake bar Whirled Domination after your workout.

Strength Technique: (45 min)

This class focuses on proper technique for all lifts. Focus is on building strength and comfortability with strength equipment.

Teen Strength : (45 min)

Total body strength class aimed at teens. Class focuses on building strength and comfortability with strength equipment.

Ride and Rejuvenate: (40 min)

Come and enjoy a stretch, recovery ride (spin), foam rolling and acoustic music!

Body Works Flow : (30 min)

Take a break from the weights, the clocks and the reps. Roll out your mat and get ready for a total body burn. We will move back and forth fluidly through stretches and body weight exercises that will leave you feeling strong and refreshed!