GH2 Fitness and Training aims to maximize each client’s ability to reach his/her full fitness/athletic potential through short albeit intense workouts called Metabolic Conditioning. This type of training requires maximum output of its clients but in return offers impressive results with less of a time commitment than conventional workouts. Rather than compartmentalizing training into elements of cardio, strength, muscular endurance, plyometrics, and agility Metabolic Conditioning combines all of them into one program. This type of training is the cornerstone of GH2’s training philosophy.


MyZone Team Challenge

From Monday, May 15th to Friday,June 23rd be the team that accumulates the most MEPs and split the entry fee pot.

Teams of 4. Your Team Needs a Name.

$10 cash/individual

Teams of 4 need to be signed up and be paid up before Monday, May 8th.

The idea here is to workout with intensity and consistency
(don’t skip your strength classes) so that you feel comfortable
and confident this summer on the beach…
keep that goal in mind when signing up and participating in this friendly challenge.




Planting the seed now with summer coming and CMF following quickly on its heels.

Start planning now.

Start committing now.

Find a trainer and talk with him/her about your goals.

Get some private training.

Get into those Strength classes and Rounds classes NOW. (Rome wasn’t built in a day)

Make the commitment to yourself.


Tentative Date-September 23rd